In Which Thursday Links Say Sorry Like The Angel That They Thought Was You

I Need Links Like A Heart Needs A Beat

by Alex Carnevale

This is kind of a sad day, as nothing will ever be as awesome as George Michael was singing “Prayer for Time” on American Idol last night. I have not found something this amusing since $240 worth of pudding.

Amazingly this was one-upped by a performance earlier in the show by David Archuleta and OneRepublic. This was basically the Jon Lester no-hitter but with a pop song:

That whole evening made me want to write a Timbaland biography. Here are your links, don’t say I never did anything for you.

If you don’t read Camille, are you really living?

Dustin Hoffman just can’t help himself

McCain’s probable running mates.

Love in Iraq.

Spencer Pratt’s advice for dudes.

Mmm, delicious power pop.

Who will go first in the MLB amateur draft?

The best song off the new Portishead album gets a video.

What happened to all the ladies’ men?

why do I feel like this is an animal representation of Obama and his running mate?

Artists and designers and the Obama campaign.

Top five vestigial organs

HBO signs Frank Rich, it is only a matter of time before BET signs Molly

Gregg Easterbrook is a tard

from here

Song by Toad discovers a hot new act

Javascript Super Mario Kart

Paul Johnson on Rousseau:

Rousseau was one of the greatest grumblers in the history of literature. He insisted his life had been one of misery and persecution. He reiterates the complaint so often and in such harrowing terms, that one feels obliged to believe him…It is true he always had trouble with his penis. In a letter to his friend Dr Tronchin, written in 1755, he refers to the ‘malformation of an organ, with which I was born.’ His biographer Lester Crocker, after a careful diagnosis, writes, “I am convinced that Jean-Jacques was born a victim of hypospadias, a deformity of the penis in which the urethra opens somewhere on the ventral surface.”

In adult life, this became a stricture, necessitating painful use of a catheter, which aggravated the problem both psychologically and physically. He constantly felt the need to urinate and this raised difficulties when he was living in high society: ‘I still shudder to think of myself,’ he wrote, ‘in a circle of women, compelled to wait until some fine talk had finished…When at last I find a well-lit staircase there are other ladies who delay me, then a courtyard full of constantly moving carriage ready to crush me, ladies who are looking at me, lackeys who line the walls and laugh at me. I do not find a single wall or wretched little corner that is suitable for my purpose. In short I can urinate only in full view of everybody on some noble white-stockinged leg.’

Talking to the dude who is the Playboy Adviser

Women artists win!

Worst headline for a NYTimes story ever

Singlehandedly justifying your decision to start a tumblr


“Cold Beer and Cigarettes (acoustic)” – David Bazan (mp3)

“Shine (acoustic)” – Anna Nalick (mp3)

“The Music of the Night” – David Cook (mp3)

“Swimming Pool” – The Submarines (mp3)

there is nothing we love more in the world than the new submarines album

new video from Spore

smokers give up in groups

I can’t get these images of Topanga out of my head, what can I say?

The only thing scarier than that betch is these pics of the chick from House.

We’re pretty psyched for the Brit sex tape

Kobe Bryant doesn’t want yr love

Best of baseball quotes

Rove on Obama.

Speaking of Karl, McCain has a VP choice coming up. This prompted Adam Nagourney to write the following misleading and racist sentence about Bobby Jindal:

Jindal, who was born a Hindu but converted to Roman Catholicism as a teenager, won 54 percent of the vote after campaigning as a social conservative, opposing human embryonic stem cell research and abortion in any form and favoring teaching “intelligent design” in schools as an alternative to evolution.

The condescension in Nagourney’s jab about Jindal’s Catholicism is disgusting. Actually Jindal’s campaign was not really “about” any of those things. This brand of “objective journalism” is a lot like writing about Barack Obama by being like,

Obama, who is probably a Muslim, won 54 percent of the vote after campaigning as a peacenik hippie, promising to meet with terrorists, raise taxes and oppose gay marriage.

You should be embarrassed if you read the Times. In any case, I do not think it will be the 36-year old Jindal. There’s no reason to tarnish the biggest rising star in conservative politics with a national role in what will be a losing campaign. All evidence is that it will be Romney, and Mitt is a fine man. You can trust Mormons.

Hot handsome furs track

Encounters with Paul Siegell

Jenny McCarthy = horrifying

Visualizing stuff

New from Ugly Duckling:

Bon Iver on Jools Holland

Bodies left in Janet Malcolm’s wake

Jonathan Lethem on Philip K. Dick

J.J. Abrams’ new show looks pretty sweet.

Top five ways to score with hot mileys

Against millennials

Don’t forget TR tumbles hard now

Shia LaBoeuf in GQ hot

Jed Perl hates on Rauschenberg

The Republicans are falling apart writes Peggy Noonan

I can’t get enough of Tall Firs

Man with f’d up hairdo

What Hillary did wrong

a Kim Kardashian photoset to make you cry

Measuring the Senate

lou reed at a wedding

John Cale, from Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk:

Nico would say things so Lou Reed couldn’t answer back. You see, Lou and Nico had some kind of affair, both consummated and constipated, during the time he wrote these psychological love songs for her like, “I’ll Be Your Mirror” and “Femme Fatale.”

When it fell apart, we really learnt how Nico could be the mistress of the destructive one-liner. I remember one morning we had gathered at the Factory for a rehearsal. Nico came in late, as usual. Lou said hello to her in a rather cold way.

Nico simply stood there. You could see she was waiting to reply, in her own time. Ages later, out of the blue, came her first words. “I cannot make love to Jews anymore.”

Hipster Runoff gets vulnerable

She throws herself at men

Lost writer Brian Vaughan’s comic book Runaways will be a movie

The new issue of Jacket

Ron Silliman on how to run a journal

Rules for mileys

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.



Setting the Woods on Fire

karen allen is due to die any day now

Sarah Spy is our girl in BK

The Petite Sophisticate

Truck Spills


Fong Songs

The Late Greats

The Rising Storm


The glory of Audrey Hepburn.

Molly wolfed her teamster sub for you.

A dog took my face and gave me a better face to change the world.

PP 4 life


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