In Which We Try To Enjoy Ourselves

Hilarity came with Karina Wolf and The State and Tyler Coates. It raises its ugly head again…

Things I Find Funny

by Elisabeth Reinkordt

World’s Smallest Monkey

4 little Joeys:

gay everest:

hillary face maker

wild west park in germany

square-dancing tractors

paddle thumbs


stairway to stardom

learn English:

jon pack

garfield minus garfield

bavarian cowboys

hillary photoshop thread

Jurassic soundscapes:

hamdog & luther burger

tv carnage

jesus dog bum

clown getting butter:

back to the future:

I like turtles:

giant pancake:


hardest Mario level:

hold still

tag the web


geese attacking pie plates


Postcards from Yo Momma

bert & ernie drum session:

unicycle motorcycle


picard cat



infinite solutions

bug eyes:

freedom call

Elisabeth Reinkordt is the senior contributor to This Recording. Her site is No Coast Films.


A few short Creeley poems.

Handbook for getting into college.

The black athlete gets dumped on. Go to hell Jay Bilas!

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