In Which A Conversation With My Little Brother Violates His Facebook Privacy

Brotherly Love

by Alex Carnevale

My little brother Danny drove me to the train station in Mystic recently, when it wasn’t so hot that I had to duct tape ice cubes to my balls to resist murder.

We had a conversation that had me a little upset. It wasn’t anything he did; it was simply the nobility of his plight. Also he was playing some extremely terrible music.

We were headed over the drawbridge into downtown Mystic:

to the train station.

Here was the hard-hitting interview between myself and my brother Dan, who is quite probably about to turn 21 in January:

Me: How are things with you and the gf?

Dan: There is no gf.

Me: Eventually you’ll learn why calling it that doesn’t make me a huge loser. In time.

Dan: She doesn’t want to be exclusive.

Me: That’s probably incorrect, women just want to nest.

Dan: She doesn’t want to nest right now.

Me: Just wait until you turn 24, all women want to know is if you have your Jew card (you do, barely), and if you make money at your job. Then they’ll just criticize you for approximately ever. You’re all set, though. Women will be asking you to pull their hair for the next fifty years. You’re cute as a button, you’re like the white Malcolm X except way less of a revolutionary.

Dan: I’ll keep that in mind.

Memo to my brother: Dan, Saw you were Donatello in your facebook pictures. I mean at least you’re not Leonardo, but it’s close, that’s all I’m saying. Sunshine, Alex

Me: Have you tried telling her your brother has a Prezler Award-winning blog?

Dan: Not yet.

Me: Might want to throw that in there, see if it sparkles with the girl. Have you tried the silent treatment?

Dan: That may be my next option.

Me: I recently invented a variation on the silent treatment, I will permit you to license it for use. It’s the silent treatment, except you talk about the feelings you aren’t expressing via veiled references on your blog.

Dan: I don’t have a blog.

Me: What about the one you made about the Patriots?

Dan: I forgot about that.

He’s half Jewish that’s just the way it is some things will never change

Me: I haven’t, everyone has a blog. She probably doesn’t read Dan the Man Sports, though. You should make a new blog, this time making it all about your feelings and/or health care problems. Hillary Clinton has a secret livejournal that she uses to post video satires of the Taxicab Confessions and pictures of Bill’s cysts. I believe it’s up for a Webby this year. Did you see our dog Rosie’s blog?

Dan: No, Rosie has a blog?

Me: She didn’t give you the password? This is embarrassing. I am embarrassed for you. (pause) Her password is squeaktoy. Don’t say I told you.

We arrive at the train station, where we are ten minutes early. My brother acts like I’m going to make him wait for ten minutes because his new car has heat. He’s lived with me for many years, he should know I’m a cuddly polar bear.

Me: OK, see you later. Thanks for Halo 2, feel better. Here is my last piece of advice for you, and I hope it lasts you the next forty years until I die and the sorrow of my death overwhelms the importance of this lesson. People only want what they feel they can lose. Here’s a copy of the new Coldplay. Listen to “Strawberry String,” I think it will properly convey the rest of my message. Sunshine!

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

“Strawberry String” – Coldplay (mp3)

“Cemeteries of London” – Coldplay (mp3)


Danish’s first post ever. I’ll have to rerun this one with DVD commentary at some point.

Molly shined on like a crazy diamond.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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