In Which Humor Is In The Uterus of The Beholder

Things I Find Funny

by Alex Carnevale

Maura Tierney and Woody Harrelson getting it on in Semi-Pro, being called ‘boss’ in convenience stores, The State’s Doug sketch, dick in a box, celebrity jeopardy, Julian carrying around a drink in Trailer Park Boys, schrute space, Jack Black doing the farm musical on Mr. Show, Fawlty Towers, the CSI episode of Two and a Half Men, Martin Amis’ Success, Helldate, the poetry of Robert Creeley, Mighty Aphrodite, Everyone Says I Love You, Deconstructing Harry, the comedy of Richard Pryor, Pryor hosting SNL, Chris Farley in a van down by the river, pre-taped call-in show:

Loose Balls by Terry Pluto, Katt Williams, Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter, Kurt Vonnegut’s Bluebeard, the poetry of John Berryman, hasidic jews, people who believe in god, The Rock:

Bret Hart, Andrew Sullivan, Samoa Joe, Kenta Kobashi, Molly Lambert, Rachael Bedard, Rebecca Wiener, Will Hubbard, Christopher Hitchens, Danish Aziz, Barack Obama, My Cousin Vinny, Michelle Obama, LaVondra Obama, Kinisha Obama, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, William F. Buckley, Tess’ apartment, Keith Gessen, Henry Kissinger, Jon Stewart, Upright Citizens Brigade, Kevin Goldstein, Coupling, Seinfeld:

Gideon Friedman, Morgan Clendaniel, Robert Rutherford‘s car. My high school French teacher instructing us on the verb forms of ‘to come’, my parents’ dog Rosie, The Bachelorette, The Joe Schmo Show, when my old dog Isaac tried to dance with my moms, kites, my life as a young man, Paul Pierce, pregnancy pacts, Kevin Garnett, when David Ortiz tells reporters “Get out of here and get some ass”, the 10,000 year old man, The Odd Couple, Cowboy Mouth, Iggy Pop, Jon Stewart, Kurt Banas, Brett Grob, the coke scene in Starsky and Hutch:

Manhunting, Young Manhattanite, Wanda Sykes, Science Corner, Who’s On First:

When Jim Carrey’s second personality has sex with Renee Zellweger in Me Myself and Irene, Bill Kristol, Bill Hicks, Joseph Epstein, Mark Steyn, Patton Oswalt, Jeff Goldberg, Bernie Kravitz, Mitch Hedberg. Roger Kimball, Hilton Kramer, James Panero, Stefan Beck. John Malkovich in True West:

Damon Wayans’ early stand-up, Al Franken’s first book, Dave Barry, Galaxy Quest, Alex Rodriguez, John Sterling, Mike D’Antoni, Chad Ford, Mike Francesa, Chris Russo, Kevin James and Ray Romano’s golf special, Kenny on ‘Til Death, Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm:

Crazy Eyez Killer, when Larry goes to heaven and his angels are Dustin Hoffman and Sacha Baron Cohen, when Larry thinks he’s a gentile. Nobody Scores, The Boondocks, Calvin and Hobbes:

When he frees a public hair by fighting in a manger scene, when Larry’s bottle of water gets mistaken for his bulge, Larry David buys weed:

Robert Olen Butler, Judith Butler, SCTV, Martha Nussbaum writing about Judith Butler, e-mails from R.B. Glaser, Kick-Ass, Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson, All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers, Science Corner, John Cage’s Silence, Christopher Hitchens, the Marquis de Sade, my little brother, the moving parts of Liar Liar, Nick Douglas, Tristram Shandy.

The Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, George Carlin before he stopped drinking, Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman before they became possible heart attack victims at any moment, Ayn Rand, The Secret History, The Superficial, when they throw the snake into that woman’s car in The Little Friend, P. G. Wodehouse, Julia Allison, Chunk, Gordon Korman, the Little Brain, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, Hitler. Larry David Lost spoilers:

When Larry tells David Schwimmer’s father to put more cashews in his trail mix, Franz Kafka, John Carney, the sea was angry that day my friends:

the superlatives I wrote for my senior yearbook, my high school stage version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Emily Gould, Danish criticizing some miley’s handbag as a way of baiting her to punch me in the face, Danish putting his fingers in his ears, Danish pouring a beer on a frat girl and having some frat brothers threaten him, Lazy Scranton:

The Westing Game, Hannibal when he serves Ray Liotta his brains. When it turns out Fry is his own grandfather. Michael Kay CenterStage with Larry David, Big Love, The Sopranos, when people get mad because I made up some opinions about Jenna Fischer, Gram Parsons, when Hitch mistakenly brings Eva Mendes to Ellis Island to learn more about her thieving grandfather and it backfires, The Audition:

Riff Market, the discussion about what other people would think if they saw Amy Brenneman wearing an antique watch that no longer keeps time in Your Friends and Neighbors, when Dr. Jason Patric tells an ex she’s on a patient’s AIDS-list, David Foster Wallace, Canadians like Jason Segel and Bryan Adams.

Robin saying, “He’s like the american bryan adams” about the boss, dancing in the dark video, Trapped in the Closet, e-meters, Scientology, No Country for Old Haircuts. Three dudes singing ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ in an alley, the special effects in Air Force One, Benjamin Netanyahu, Lucian Freud, That’s What She Said:

The Brown Daily Jolt circa 2002, Todd Goldstein plugging his band on the jolt but forgetting to do so anonymously, Paul Johnson, Charles Murray, Catholicism, Rousseau, Joyce, Robotman, Beckett, Pinter, Mamet, Mindy Kaling. Robbie Williams performing ‘Millennium’ on Letterman, Henry Stephen Keeler, Chevy Chase’s shark sketch, Drunk Girl, Dave Chappelle and Wayne Brady:

Virginica in Baby Gap with Ellen Page, Donny you’re out of your element, the opening of Jurassic Park when Roy Scheider screams, Shoot her, Shoot her!, Michael Ian Black’s blog, the political campaign episode of Stella, the sketch where Showalter throws a cat out the window, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Frank Calliendo, Kirsten Wiig as Penelope, Kirsten Wiig, George Saunders, MILF Island, Hampton, Friday, Firesign Theater, it’s good to get off campus, even just for a little while:

Doug sleeping while sitting upright on the toilet, baiting Molly with gender politics, Bill Cosby as a hero to the conservative movement, Cartman serving Scott Tenorman his parents:

Butters getting locked up in his basement after faking his own death, the Butters parody of Great Expectations, “Trapped in the Closet”, Cartman employing time travel to get the Nintendo Wii, Awesom-O 3000, Randy Marsh, Bill Simmons, the biggest deuce in the world, “Sharon!!!!”, me barfing all over Danish’s favorite jacket in the middle of a party, Bar Mitzvahs, Lightspeed Champion.





Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


Lucas Stangl

Karina Wolf

Danish Aziz

Elisabeth Reinkordt

Tyler Coates

Georgia Hardstark

“Bathrooms and Sandwiches” – Louis C.K. (mp3)

“Duck Vaginas” – Louis C.K. (mp3)

“Awesome Possum” – Louis C.K. (mp3)

“My Sex Life” – Louis C.K. (mp3)


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4 thoughts on “In Which Humor Is In The Uterus of The Beholder

  1. i am thrilled to see the prominence of cartman on this list (he is my hero). also of note: the stanley tucci/demi moore section of deconstructing harry was filmed in the apartment i grew up in.

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