In Which Underwater Arctic Volcanos Erupt


PT. 2: Decomposed Robots

by Molly Lambert

All the Science Corners you can stand,
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Giraffe kicks open fence, helps Camels, Llamas, Zebras, and a Potbellied Pig escape from the circus, presumably Pixar will buy the rights. In related news, psychedelic drugs like psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms) have lasting health benefits.

“It was like taking off, I’m being lifted up. There was this sense of relief and joy and ecstasy when my heart was opened.”

Also related, caterpillar-like soft and squishy chemical robots will one day squeeze through tight spots then expand to 10 times larger, offering an advantage over rigid robots. Once a mission is complete, a chembot would biodegrade.

Your Sense of Adventure rests in a primitive brain region.

Baby crocodiles cry inside eggs

this is what Crocodile Tears look like

Santa Claus will have to relocate to a cruise ship, because as of this summer there won’t be any ice at the North Pole. Yeah, I know, Debbie Downer. Whatever, it’s true!


Blowing the Aztec Whistle Of Death. It’s shaped like a skull!

Scientists were fascinated by the ghostly find: a human skeleton buried in an Aztec temple with a clay, skull-shaped whistle in each bony hand.

Don’t you wish Indy 4 had been anywhere near this cool?

The Atom Smasher supposedly won’t turn Earth into a hot dead clump…Or so they are saying…


Underwater Arctic Volcano Explosions” is the name of my other post-rock band. I play the Wii.

Mars and Saturn: “Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah

Google’s Lunar X Prize was announced on our birthday

Twin Stars Subway Series Edition

Identical twin stars born 500,000 years apart. Sounds like me and my brother Ben. Did you download his new podcast yet? Don’t sleep!

Space Weather throws off GPS

Stem Cells could replace plastic surgery

The Sun is potentially filled with dark matter

Robot Surgeon removes a brain tumor

Silver haired monkeys can fish

Chimps hug and kiss to calm each other down

Three super-Earths found orbiting one star. Which means we are closer to finding Earth’s twin.

“There’s no doubt that other Earths exist, simply due to the sheer vast numbers of other stars and galaxies in our universe. There’s a deeper question; How common are Earth-like planets? Are Earth-like planets a dime a dozen, or are they quite rare, quirky precious planets that are one in a thousand or one in a million?”

In “The Dreams in the Witch-House“, the central character is sent through a dimensional portal to a planet in a triple star system (with a yellow, red, and blue star) located “between Hydra and Argo Navis”, and populated by Elder Things.

Superstar-Watcher – Yo La Tengo: (mp3)

Mute Superstar – Guided By Voices: (mp3)

Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath: (mp3)

Hello Earth – Kate Bush: (mp3)

Heaven On Earth – Britney Spears: (mp3)

Molly Lambert is the managing editor of This Recording


Sun Ra, The Black Man In The Cosmos

Steampunk and Theme Parks

Your Sanity Has A Flavor

This Recording’s Comin’ Down The Track,
Comin’ Down The Track With A Smokey Stack


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