In Which Tuesday Links Give You The Forbidden Thrill You Deserve


by Alex Carnevale

A dream can be most anything. I dream of the day when I’ll get this image out of my mind:

I think most of us who followed Playboy in perhaps its finest year, 1994, remember the debut of one Jenny McCarthy. The whole Catholic schoolgirl thing with her could never get played out. And now she’s acting like she’s all into Jim Carrey because it seems cool. It is not cool.

As we put it some time ago, this couple — Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy — reminds us of The Office, when Jan gets with Michael and is like, “My therapist told me to trust my instincts.” Jim Carrey’s therapist was like, “Don’t worry about what your friends think, if you have fun when you’re with her, that’s all that matters, really,” and he was like, “You’re right. I have to admit I’m attracted to her,” and Jenny was all like, “Helllloooo I’m in the room.”

matt mcconaughney for beef

chris parnell is just a little bb

Fireworks packaging.

douchebag couple

Hybrid rust.

Michael Bay’s Batman.

things to say on a first date

Thread to end all comment threads

hot stevie nicks webasite

fascination with skulls

the return of hanging with mr. cooper?

More web start-ups for no particular reason.

Sacha dupes a Mossad agent

I accidentally saw Don’t Mess With the Zohan, which some people said was funny. Although it had its moments, I think they were probably expecting something so excruciating the film was a relief in comparison. When you make a film about the conflict, and no Israelis or Palestinians get it on with each other, you know you have a problem. Is there Israeli-Palestinian porn? Dare I even ask that question?

Also, the chick from Entourage sucked.

Keeping a notebook hates on Jezebels.

Therapists making bling bling

lesbian tycoon daughters

Not so funny history of laughter

Personal hero of Anthony Bourdain

Molly’s real into this post from the internet

planes almost hit each other above ny

For those wondering, yes, there actually is a Barclay Memphis. I would never post pictures of nipples without linking to our tip jar.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t donated to This Recording, are you really a fan or are you just a wannabe?

jewish good will hunting


PIG: a journal

skype laughter chain wtf

Zoo and prison merge

It is best to renounce party girls.

Suburban dads crack wise

excitement of the telewebinar

speech accent archive

We love link dumps from anywhere

Macs are too expensive.

keith is casually, without any effort, doing the best blogging out there. i can’t wait till our next candid interview with keith.

what are you afraid of?

Obama gets organized

best possible use of that’s what she said

sweet album cover

things she found funny

All the good young abandoned cities

anonymous blogger actually accomplishes something

She started making a blanket

some tumblr has a sweet commute

does political correctness get any dumber than this?

I’m not here to make friends

the new issue of Glitterpony is out

this might be the most naive thing i have ever read, but i agree that Juno sucked

renovating a BK loft

awesome sex and the city review

What the hell is going on in Svalbard?

going to panda kindergarten

The Bachelorette last night was the best finale of the show ever, though that’s not saying much. They got it right with both men proposing, and DeAnna having to level a harsh blow to the dude with the three-year old. He’s going to get SO much action now. I need to get me a three-year old.

As for DeAnna, good choice, but why is it that the two spurned Bachelorettes who would love clicked with needy, dorky losers?

That’s a rhetorical question.

are IP addresses personal?

Redneck A/C

browse gold-diggers

Canarium books

McCain’s new york snub

the mystery of NBA tattoos

camille is my girl forevermore

the new Silver Jews sucks

Brown Republicans go crazy

someone sent me this to make fun of it, but I don’t know, she might be onto something

If you see anything interesting, let us know.

Sex with mini me

vermeer’s afternoon delights

this is pretty sick, Tha Carter on the piano

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


“Dirty Dishes” – Deer Tick (mp3)

“Long Time” – Deer Tick (mp3)

“Not So Dense” – Deer Tick (mp3)

“She’s Changed (live acoustic)” – Laura Marling (mp3)

“Shine (live)” – Laura Marling (mp3)

“Soulless Child (demo)” – Laura Marling (mp3)


James Tate felt better.

Bucking the Vegas odds to find our true calling.

All of our friends are going to be strangers you would think.

5 thoughts on “In Which Tuesday Links Give You The Forbidden Thrill You Deserve

  1. A) I almost went god damn blind reading this blog. There is way too much text for my tiny brain to process.
    B) WHO IS MAKING FUN OF MY POSTS? Meet me at the park at sunset and bring your best blade. We’re gonna have ourselves a motherfucking knife fight.
    C) Juno sucked.

  2. splendid roundup. my favorite is the anti-jezebel rant– i was thinking the same thoughts just the other day. and i love me some laura marling. i saw her perform here in nyc & she was way more marvelous than i’d even hoped.

  3. A thread to end all comments threads.. I THINK NOT

    It will take you about 3 hours to read the 470 x comment thread on this one. Started April 17th and is ongoing with posters trying to get LAST WORD…
    I am not a games herd but this is totally compelling.

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    positively useful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & assist other customers like
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