In Which We Love To Share

From Waxed Moustaches to Ys Being the Best Album Ever

by Melanie Strong

There is nothing quite like sitting in your underwear, endlessly searching for the perfect version of girls dancing to Daft Punk’s Harder, Faster, Stronger. (By the way, it’s a toss up between this one and this one.)

From the lovely

Let’s share some of the beautiful things I have learned thanks to my love of google images and forum lurking.


Isaac Asimov is perhaps the most prolific writer of all time. He published in nine of the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System (the sole exception being the 100s, Philosophy)  and wrote or edited more than 500 books plus at least 9000 letters and postcards.  He also made one super fucking hard trivia game.

Onigiri, or riceballs, are adorable as toys and delicious as food.

Yes, Patrick Stewart has always been sexy.  And funny.

The medicinal plant, Kava Kava works as an anti-depressant and helps relieve anxiety.  If you drink enough, you get really drunk. It is banned in North America.  I am sad.

Men can be multi-orgasmic too.

If you are in Japan, and you are underage and you really need to buy cigarettes from a vending machine, you can flash money at the age verifiying camera and get smokes no problem.  (But you shouldn’t smoke, it is bad, mmm kay.)

South Park is lovely.

Cyriak is surprisingly talented and surprisingly unknown.

When the Hubble Telescope inevitably breaks down, around 2013, we will be without those awe-inspiring images that give us goosebumps and replace our Milla Jovovich desktop backgrounds for months at a time.



Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg are pretty much my favorite couple ever.

If string theory were a person, I would want to date it and meet its parents.

Fortune cookies are a Western invention.

I can’t even describe it but this is amazing.

LOL Cats + Sci-Fi = ❤

You can download and print off and cut out characters that have lost all resemblance to their natural shape. Then you can give it to your little brother or hang it up in your window to collect dust and spider nests.

Crass, the influential yet largely unliked British anarcho-punk band from the early 80s, concocted a fake recording of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan discussing the sinking of the HMS Sheffield during the Falklands War. In it, it was alleged that Europe would be used as a target for nuclear weapons in any conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. This recording was leaked and became known as “Thatchergate.”

There is something called the reactable and it is amazing. It is an electronic music instrument that takes the form of a lit-up table top. Multiple users can interact with it using completely movable controls that represent normal syntheszier functions.

People make cakes that give me wet dreams.

The white space in television static represents unused bandwith that could provide univeral wireless internet.

H.R. Giger was involved in the preliminary set design for the originial Dune movie.

Salvador Dali was going to play the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV.

Neither happened due to lack of funding.  David Lynch was finally chosen to direct and it eventually got out in one version or another.

This is my favorite part of Dune.  Why?  … Do you really have to ask?

You can look up all of your favorite old-timey toy robots and hope that your friends get the hints to buy you a couple for your birthday.

Rachel Brice is a bellydancer who is pretty much single-handely responsible for introducing the Tribal Fusion style into popular culture.  It is a seperentine and sexy series of movements that focuses on core strength and serious muscle isolation.

So many things are so funny:

Married to the Sea

Toothpaste for Dinner

Cyanide and Happiness

Critical Assignment Arms

“Sadie” – Joanna Newsom (mp3)

“Bata Motel” – Crass (mp3)

“White and Nerdy” – Weird Al (mp3)

“In My Little Thatched Hut” – The Fiery Furnaces (mp3)

“Temporary Secretary” – Paul McCartney (mp3)

“Qui Est “In”  Qui Est “Out”?” – Serge Gainsbourg (mp3)

From the lovely

Melanie Strong is the senior contributor to This Recording.  She realizes that this post is full of references to “doing it” and can be found slightly stalking your tumblr or posting her own at Assholes.  Also find her at Our Hell and Binge and Purge.

Self-portrait of the author.


Yarn and Glue is the self-distributed second EP by Joanna Newsom. It was released on CD-R in 2003. “What We Have Known” later appeared as the B-side to the “Sprout and the Bean” single and the title track is otherwise unreleased. The other songs were all re-recorded for Newsom’s debut full-length album The Milk-Eyed Mender. Being a limited edition release it is now unavailable outside of file sharing networks and second hand exchanges.

“The Sprout and the Bean (demo)” – Joanna Newsom (mp3)

“This Side of the Blue (demo)” – Joanna Newsom (mp3)

“Yarn and Glue (demo)” – Joanna Newsom (mp3)

“What We Have Known (demo)” – Joanna Newsom (mp3)

“Bridges and Balloons (demo)” – Joanna Newsom (mp3)


Peter Asen on Gertrude Stein.

A biblical journey for the ages.

Goddamn you half Japanese robots.

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