In Which We Are Not Learned But We Have As Good Feelings As Any Man

“Dark Is The Night” – Jack Rose (mp3)

Sports Corner: Week 2

by George Ducker

Carolina was down 17 – 3 in the 3rd quarter against a persistently morale-crushing Chicago Bears when, after a dispirited drive that lead to only 3 points from John Kasay’s field goal, Greg Olsen fumbled his second ball of the day, leaving the Panthers only spitting distance from a touchdown. Which they scored. Delhomme pounded his chest like King Kong.

Nice playbook

Call it a momentum shift. Call it dumb luck. Call it a Bears offense that just couldn’t seem to connect. Whatever it was, it translated into a squeak of a win (20-17) for the Panthers who, after last week’s eye-popping touchdown in the final seconds against San Diego, seem to be primed for a season full of fancy nail-biters. When Oliver Stone makes his next football movie, which he probably should, Paul Schneider will play Jake Delhomme and get every nuance just right.

“Furr” – Blitzen Trapper (mp3)

“This Is What” – Horse Feathers (mp3)

Denver blew shit up in the first half of their game against the much-heralded-but-why San Diego Chargers. Then they sat there during the 3rd and 4th quarters and considered their grocery lists while San Diego roared ahead, to 38-31 lead. Then, something mysterious happened. With next to no time left and the Broncos all up in the red zone, Broncos QB Jay Cutler reared back to pass and managed to chuck the ball backwards.

It was a strange move that could never have been done intentionally. It was like the laws of physics laughing at the whole state of Colorado. It was like America’s Funniest Home Videos where Dad falls from the third floor balcony head-first. It was a fumble. There is no question that it was a fumble. There was no forward motion involved whatsoever.

Only, the referee didn’t see it that way. Ed Hochuli ruled it an incomplete pass and whistled the play dead. Even though replays proved the call in error, that whistle prevented the Chargers from claiming their rightful turnover and the Broncos recovered possession.

Cue a series of sideline aneurysms from Norv Turner. Cue the following touchdown catch by Eddie Royal, which Cutler threw with precision, and the following two-point conversion, which Cutler also threw with precision. It was a ballsy move, considering the cicrumstances. Can you imagine the riots if this had happened at Qualcomm Stadium?

Cutler, Royal

Shanahan made the right call. The Broncos won. These things just don’t happen.

“It is my meditation all the day, and more than my meat and drink, to know how I shall make the Saints of God comprehend the visions that roll like an overflowing surge before my mind.” – Joseph Smith

BYU’s Dennis Pitta and friends.

Eastern Carolina University isn’t the only new sundry in the AP Top 25 store. They’re right next to No. 14 ranked Brigham Young, who broiled the UCLA Bruins on Saturday 59-0. Jesus. This was the same team that beat Tennessee last week?

Some of the wives and daughters of Brigham Young.

But maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised about UCLA’s hellish drubbing. An aggregate score of the Bruins’ last two losses in the state of Utah is 103 – 6. I would only be surprised if Coach Neuheisel isn’t hanging in effigy somewhere near the Rose Bowl. A Lion of the Lord he ain’t.

Joseph Smith, Brigham Young

Penn St. 59, Syracuse 13

“On a Saturday” – Herman Dune (mp3)

The AP’s new ranks are here.

And here is a handy guide to the emotional configuration of the BCS selection process.

But now, what do these winds of upstart change portend? Darren Everson works his way through the unfortunate possibilities surrounding BCS berths for more than one postage-stamp sized programs:

The BCS, a five-game postseason arrangement involving four premier bowls and a rotating national-title game, provides for one smaller-conference team to automatically qualify, but only one. This hasn’t been a problem since the present rules went into effect for the 2006 season. Boise State and Hawaii, both of the Western Athletic Conference, were the only undefeated teams from non-major conferences in 2006 and 2007…But a second such team would have to be taken as an at-large selection, which has next to no chance of happening. The big-conference schools command too much respect (and generate too much money) for that to occur most years.

The only thing more surprising than ECU, BYU and Utah going 3-0 is discovering that the WSJ has sports coverage.

Derrick Washington outruns most of Nevada.

“Hologram Buffalo” – Brightblack Morning Light (mp3)

Lastly, David Foster Wallace died on Friday night. He was a junior tennis player and, indisputably, a genius. Read his article, in 2006, about the genius of Roger Federer.

George Ducker is the senior contributor to This Recording. He lives in Los Angeles.

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“Sea Stones” – Small Sur (mp3)

Small Sur Myspace


Jews are typically so disobedient.

Saturday links are the most fun we had laughing.

Ethan Hawke is an a-hole.

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