In Which Ceci N’est Pas Une Post

The Two Sisters (Giorgio de Chirico, 1915)

Keeping It Surreal

by Melanie Strong

“To be a surrealist means barring from your mind all remembrance of what you have seen, and being always on the lookout for what has never been.”Rene Magritte

Cannibalism in Autumn (Salvador Dali, 1936-37)

Reflet (Yves Tanguy, 1959)

The Temptation of St. Anthony (Hieronymus Bosch, 1500)

“Artistic imagination must remain free. It is by definition free from any fidelity to circumstances, especially to the intoxicating circumstances of history. ” – Andre Breton

The Lovers (René Magritte, 1928)

“Surrealism! What is Surrealism? In my opinion, it is above all a reawakening of the poetic idea in art, the reintroduction of the subject but in a very particular sense, that of the strange and illogical.” – Paul Delvaux

Celebes (Max Ernst, 1921)

“Surrealism had a great effect on me because then I realised that the imagery in my mind wasn’t insanity. Surrealism to me is reality.”John Lennon

At the Risk of the Sun (Yves Tanguy, 1949)

“Surrealism is born of a consciousness of the derisory condition allotted to the individual and his thought, and a refusal to accommodate oneself to it.” – Jean-Louis Bédouin

The Birth of Liquid Desires (Salvador Dali, 1931-32)

“The mind which plunges into Surrealism, relives with burning excitement the best part of childhood.” – Andre Breton

L’Ange du foyer ou Le Triomphe du surréalisme (Max Ernst, 1937)

The Disquieting Muses (Giorgio de Chirico, 1916)

Close-up of The Garden of Earthly Delights (Hieronymus Bosch, 1503-1504)

Ubu Imperator (Max Ernst, 1923)

“The painting develops before my eyes, unfolding its surprises as it progresses. It is this which gives me the sense of complete liberty, and for this reason I am incapable of forming a plan or making a sketch beforehand.” – Yves Tanguy

Through Birds Through Fire But Not Through Glass (Yves Tanguy, 1943)

La Thérapeute (René Magritte, 1941)

“My painting is visible images which conceal nothing… they evoke mystery and indeed when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question ‘What does that mean’? It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable.” – René Magritte

Metaphysical Interior With Biscuits (Giorgio de Chirico, 1916)

Soft Construction With Boiled Beans Premonition of Civil War (Salvador Dali, 1936)

Oedipus Rex (Max Ernst, 1922)

“Ponytail” – Panda Bear (mp3)

“Comfy in Nautica” – Panda Bear (mp3)

Untitled (Wind). Sans titre (Il vent) (Yves Tanguy, 1928)

“Leaf House” – Animal Collective (mp3)

“Did You See The Words” – Animal Collective (mp3)

Hector and Andromache (Giorgio de Chirico, 1917)

“I Am The Walrus” – The Beatles (mp3)

“Strawberry Fields Forever” – The Beatles (mp3)

Melanie Strong is not the senior contributor to This Recording. She cannot be found at Assholes or Our Hell and she certainly doesn’t create surrealism-inspired drawings on MS Paint and post them at Binge and Purge.

The Sensitive Layer (Yves Tanguy, 1933)’

“Psychologically speaking, to discover something mysterious in objects is a symptom of cerebral abnormality related to certain kinds of insanity.” – Giorgio de Chirico


Back in middle school.

Hoarse of course.

You might like it there.

The Red Model (René Magritte, 1934)

This Recording does not do drugs, it is drugs.


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