In Which It’s All About Location

A Domestic Travelogue

by Molly Lambert

A is for an A-Frame

B is for Bungalow

C is for Cottage

D is for Detached Home

E is for Earth Sheltering

F is for Farmhouse

G is for Geodesic Dome

H is for Houseboat

I is for Indian Vernacular

J is for a Jerk Chicken Shack

K is for Konak

L is for Log Cabin

M is for Mews

N is for Nipa Hut

O is for Octagon House

P is for Patio Homes

Q is for Quinzhee

R is for Ranch Style

S is for a Southern Shotgun

T is for Triple Deckers

U is for Underground Catacomb Ossuaries

V is for Victorian

W is for Wigwam

X is for Xanadu Houses

Y is for Yurt

Z is for Zulu Beehive House

Molly Lambert is the managing editor of This Recording.

“Close To You” – The Avalanches (mp3)

“Flight Tonight” – The Avalanches (mp3)

“Diners Only” – The Avalanches (mp3)


Will Hubbard’s Alphabet

Robert Creeley On Franz Kline

J.M.W. Turner At The Met


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