In Which We Are Not The Same, I Am A Martian

Sometimes people ask me what my favorite blog is besides my own and I say “Joe Blog.” I don’t always feel like explaining that Joe Blog is not the work of anyone named Joe (that would be my other favorite Joe Blog, Bitten Tongue), but rather one Elizabeth Czyzewski. You know Liz as the girl with the awesome Weezy lip tattoo from the bad tattoos post. Joe Blog is all the things a good blog should be: informative, concise, and entertaining. I talked Liz into guest posting. She’s chosen The Carter as her inaugural subject. Not Lil’ Wayne, the other Carter.ML

Jimmy Carter

by Elizabeth Czyzewski

Some people say that Jimmy Carter was the worst president. I insist that he’s an excellent guy and one of the most genuine, caring, well-intended people that ever walked this well-trodden earth. To be quite honest, I don’t know that much about the Carter administration.

When I make the claims I just made, I base them on Jimmy Carter and energy, so let me clarify that when I say he was a good guy, I am only looking at a small part of his presidency. If I could pick 3 people to lunch with, I’d choose Jimmy Carter and 2 others.

. 39th President of the United States of America (1977-1981)

. Carter established the Department of Education and the Department of Energy.

. Speaking in relation to the latter, Carter passed a national energy policy that included strict conservation measures (for one) with the end goal being energy independence by 1985.

. From 1977 to 1982, foreign imports decreased by 50%, which brings me to a reason Jimmy Carter was great (though I can see why he may have been unpopular to some).

. Conservation learned in the late 70s and following the 1973 oil embargo led to a decreased demand.

. When the oil was turned back on following the 1979 crisis, anticipated demand exceeded actual demand. More oil flooded the market than was needed and so prices dropped. Good for the consumer.

. However, people say that cheap prices in the 80s discouraged domestic exploration (it was uneconomical) and development of renewables (we had enough oil and why pursue something worthwhile if there’s no real, immediate crisis?). Bad for the oil industry (and the future).

. Jimmy Carter advocated increased coal usage, as we had an abundance of coal and CO2 was not yet realized as an issue. Bad news, but…he had the best intentions.

. Carter installed solar panels on the White House roof (Reagan removed them), urged Americans to turn down their thermostats, wore cardigan sweaters and, some may say he “ruined Christmas” with this last one, he asked that Christmas lights not be turned on in 1979 and 1980 in order to save electricity.

. Let me deviate from my traditional form of bullet-pointed facts and offer a paragraph that is an opinion based on observation.

This afternoon, I watched 4 Jimmy Carter videos and listened to 1 audio recording of a speech. Jimmy Carter really wanted to work with the people. Jimmy Carter admitted that he might make mistakes. Jimmy Carter truly believed in America and its power to change. I know all this stuff sounds pretty stupid, but it’s true.

I’m as genuine as Jimmy Carter when I say that Jimmy Carter was a top notch guy and cared about the greater good. You can tell and if you can’t, let the fact that Jimmy Carter and his wife founded a non-profit organization for human rights (The Carter Center) convince you.

. He is the second oldest living president (beat by George Bush).

. Carter was the first president to have been born in a hospital.

. He loved to read.

. At age 13, Carter owned a dog named Bozo.

. He played basketball. He was a “star player.”

. Only President to have graduated from the Naval Academy – Carter.

. He was involved in a peanut farming accident and was left with a permanently bent finger.

. As Governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter was the first to call publicly for an end to racial segregation.

. In 1969, Carter submitted a UFO sighting to the International UFO Bureau but last year, when questioned about the submission, Carter claimed that he did not remember why he filed it and guessed it was probably “at the request of” one of his children and was some sort of military object.

. His brother, Billy Carter, was real trouble: he peed on an airport runway in front of press and dignitaries and developed this image of being a beer-drinking Southern boy and endorsed Billy Beer.

. Last but not least, Carter is a Nobel Peace Prize winner (2002) because of his involvement with the Carter (III) Center.

I’ll leave it at that and leave you with the picture below (taken in 2008). I said it once before about someone different and I’ll say it again regarding Jimmy Carter (below): “What a spry old man.”


President – Lil’ Wayne ft. Currency: (mp3)

Black Republicans – Lil’ Wayne ft. Juelz Santana: (mp3)

Get High, Rule Tha World – Lil’ Wayne: (mp3)

La La La – Lil’ Wayne: (mp3)

Let The Beat Build – Lil’ Wayne: (mp3)

Money Pussy Weed – Lil’ Wayne: (mp3)

Sky Is The Limit – Lil’ Wayne: (mp3)

I Can’t Feel My Face – Lil’ Wayne: (mp3)

Elizabeth Czyzewski is a film editor living in Los Angeles.
This is her first contribution to This Recording.

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