In Which CapGun 3 Chose Life And You Purchased It Immediately Because of This


CapGun 3

The third edition of CapGun, the literary magazine/event of the year, comes out tomorrow. When you see it arrive in your mailbox you will have the closest thing to an orgasm that such a creation can trigger in the unsuspecting or suspecting recipient. We heartily recommend this third edition of CapGun as a gift for others. It can get you laid, and it will provide for the child that frenzied sex creates should you be so lucky. The cover is hand letter-pressed for christsakes.

What awaits you inside:


Colophon Teaser: CapGun 3 was designed by Will Hubbard, and printed and bound in an edition of 250 at CapGun Press in Brooklyn, NY. The title face, Gotham, was created by Tobias Frere -Jones in 2000 to approximate vernacular lettering found throughout New York City. The text is set in Bulmer, which was used by John Boydell in 1805 for his famous, gilded, and financially ruinous edition of Shakespeare.

We rarely ask you to support This Recording, but we need your help now. Every issue of CapGun you purchase not only keeps this website afloat but gets you an enduring keepsake you’ll want to pass down through the generations.

We thank you for reading This Recording, and we ask that you prepare for your coming orgasm.

Alex Carnevale

Will Hubbard


“Sad Days, Lonely Nights” – Spiritualized (mp3)

“Amazing Grace (Peace on Earth)” – Spiritualized (mp3)

“I Want You” – Spiritualized (mp3)


Where else you might like to submit your work.

Jackie Delamatre’s story from our second issue.

Bob Creeley’s poem from our first.


8 thoughts on “In Which CapGun 3 Chose Life And You Purchased It Immediately Because of This

  1. I will get and read this. I wasn’t convinced until I imagined the head of my BFA program rolling his eyes at someone saying “Bob Creeley.” Especially on a “website.”

  2. Hi, Molly Lambert. I think you’re cute. Just thought I would let you know that. Peace & all good karma to you.
    –Crazy Bear

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