In Which The Aliens Will Likely Take The Form Of Evangeline Lilly

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creators Carlton Cuse & Ryan J. Condal

For Christmas I received a very unexpected gift. Carlton Cuse sent me the first few episodes of his new show, Colony, along with a magnum of Chablis. I’ve heard of cozying up to critics; I mean how else to explain the two decades of blowjobs Peter Travers has lavished on every cinematic attempt with a pulse. (There is no Peter Travers.)

But there is me, and there was a note that came with the alcohol and the screeners. It began, “Hey Dick,” and it continued in a similar vein.

I know u don’t like Josh Holloway, but I figure u might like my new show anyways. Christ, The Force Awakens sucked, didn’t it? Thanks for the kind words about Bates Motel. You don’t know how much that means to me when I go to sleep next to my pert wife on top of a huge pile of money.


P.S. If anyone ruined Lost, it was you and your unrealistic expectations, and possibly Matthew Fox’s drinking.

OK, I added the postscript based on information I got from a “source”.

The rest is one hundred percent true. I wanted to hate Colony because Carlton was such a dick, you know, in his note. Unfortunately for my self-respect, that is impossible. Colony, airing on USA Network starting January 14th, will be a blowaway smash because Josh Holloway and everyone in it are fantastic.

There is this one scene where Josh pops out of the shower, or as Lynne calls it, the show-pow. His wife (a somewhat fresher looking version of The Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies) is waiting for him. She readies herself to upbraid him for his latent sexism, since I believe he used some gender normative terminology earlier in the episode. Instead she simply removes her shirt and touches his face a lot during the sex they share. I quietly whispered, “Thank you.”

Closeness is all these people have. Los Angeles has been taken over by a government force beholden to an alien invasion. The governor of the occupation Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) explains that the aliens require certain things from humanity and then circumstances will probably return to normal. One of the things he requires from Josh Holloway is to destroy the human resistance to the invaders.

I have read a fair number of books about what alien invaders might want from us, and I believe I can summarize my findings in a listicle:

our bodies
our children

our reproductive capabilities
our friendship
our technology
our planet
Selena Gomez and Jude Law’s daughter to kiss

If Carlton Cuse has thought of something new to add to this list, that will be an exciting moment. (Jude Law’s daughter looks like a lesbian Watson.) Southern California is segmented into blocs. Mr. Holloway risks it all to get into a neighboring bloc where his twelve-year son was stranded at the time of the arrival.

This constant reference to the arrival made me think of The Arrival, an embarrassing if somewhat humorous movie David Twohy made in the 1990s. A pre-HIV Charlie Sheen starred opposite Teri Polo, so we can pretty much assume that happened. In The Arrival, the aliens have the silliest plan ever — they build machines that emit greenhouse gas that will overheat the Earth. This is such an insanely ridiculous way of killing off humanity, especially since (1) humans were already doing this and (2) the aliens had the ability to imitate humans without being detected.

Could this be an explanation for Donald Trump? I found Mr. Trump quite amusing, even when he was going after Megyn Kelly. His recent comments about Muslims have caused me to board the nonstop charisma train that is the Ted Cruz campaign. America has incubated many important Muslim-American men and women that have done our country proud, and it wasn’t just because handwriting instructors residing in West Virginia pushed the faith on unsuspecting children. Maybe incubate was the wrong word. Many Muslims are proud, patriotic Americans, though, and Mr. Trump is an asshole.

We need to collectively realize something that most of us in our hearts already knew: if we need to direct hatred towards a particular group of people for why things have gotten the way they are, aliens make a great scapegoat. Colony has the potential to turn into a hair-raising rebellion story.

The X-Files is coming back relatively soon. I was never a fan of The X-Files, especially when it became about building super soldiers and not the sexual tension between the two leads. Gillian Anderson looked like Eve, and David Duchovny was absolutely tiny. The Vince Gilligan episodes were okay but everything else was a bit blah and schlocky.

Colony takes things a lot more seriously. Josh Holloway is known for his humorous one liners, but this show does not give him a lot to work with — it is determined to be dreary and serious, even though things do not seem all that bad compared to how they are now in Los Angeles. Callies is great as Josh’s wife, showing off a range and vulnerability not intrinsic to her Walking Dead character. The shaky camera work is a bit annoying, though, as are the constant cuts between faces without ever seeing the placement of actors in the scene. We are willing to believe this is real without getting motion sickness.

In one scene, Josh witnesses a light show that the aliens put on, possibly to purge the toxins that hover above their conquered city. “Have you ever gotten a glimpse of one of them?” Josh whispers to his buddy. “No one has,” the man replies, guaranteeing that the aliens will either look exactly like humans for budgetary reasons (why I find Battlestar Galactica boring) or we will wait four seasons to figure out that the aliens are actually human beings from centuries in the future. Hopefully they will be bird-like or dinosaur in nature, as hinted at. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I am willing to watch every single episode of Colony to find out if this is going to be another Lost.

Dick Cheney is the senior contributor to This Recording.

“Doing the Right Thing” – Daughter (mp3)

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