In Which The Green Movement Takes On Political Theory And Wins

The 2nd Annual Alternative Car and Transportation Expo: Part 2 (Part 1 is here)

by Nicholas Freilich

V. I. Lenin! Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov!

Next door – at the Solar Santa Monica booth – I ran into an old high school/t-ball friend, Daniel. How he recognized me in my filthy fisherman’s cap and flash-forward-Jack-Shepherd beard is absolutely incredible.

Memories… like the corner of my mind…

Daniel and I both dreamed of scoring films when we were younger, and we are both cursed with being interested in way too many things. It seems, however, that we’ve found – in the green movement – something to be excited about for years to come.

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In Which The Future of Transportation Is Now

The 2nd Annual Alternative Car and Transportation Expo: Part 1

by Nicholas Freilich

AltCar 2007 was held this weekend at Santa Monica Municipal Airport. Despite having to face the uncomfortable irony of an ecological trade show’s being held at an airport that primarily services private planes, I eagerly trekked across town on my father’s 20 year-old mountain bike to catch a glimpse of the future of sustainable mobility.

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In Which We Are Most Similar At Our Age To Mike Penberthy

Kobe staring at Bynum and Fisher holding hands

Nerds & Hoops

by Nicholas Freilich

Just a month into my second year at law school, I needed a vacation. I met This Recording’s EIC in Washington Square Park for some conversation and gratis psychotherapy. Before I began grumbling about my tumultuous social life, Alex pulled a book from a plastic bag and shoved it in my face. ‘You seen this yet?’ he asked. I glanced at it.

It was John Hollinger’s 2005-2006 NBA Forecast. I was vaguely familiar with Hollinger: bald guy, good with numbers, creates his own statistics that are confusing at first but ultimately very informative. I hadn’t seen the book. ‘This guy is unreal,’ Alex added.

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