In Which It Was The Second To Last Episode of Gilmore Girls, Did You Really Think I Wasn’t Going to Write Ever So Movingly About It?

I want to write seriously about this.

There are many reasons to watch a television show. There are many reasons to come up with one seriously. Amy Sherman-Palladino came up with a good one. It may not have appealed to very many men; I may be the only male in the world who watches the show. That fact does not really matter to me, it only matters that


This show followed her from being a freshman in high school through the end of Yale which is pretty cool. She’s a tough character to write for–how do you show what happens to a kid when they become an adult? It’s difficult. I don’t know how much I changed myself, but I definitely went in one direction or another. I don’t know.

I’m taking the events of this episode a lot better than the fanbase.

I CANNOT BELIEVE RORY SAID NO TO LOGAN!!!! I am 19, getting married next month, and 22 is so not too young to be married. Logan’s right; it’s pointless if she’s not willing to take the next step. I can’t believe this is the second to last episode, and she said no to Logan! Also, nothing happened with Luke and Lorelai! After they did the whole thing where April appears out of NOWHERE into Luke’s life, and Lorelai marries Christopher out of NOWHERE, and ruin everything, you’d think they could put it together over the next SEASON not two episodes! I own seasons 1-5 on DVD, but I don’t think I’ll buy anymore if this is the way it is. So sad! I was hoping they would end the series with Rory in a prospective job engaged to Logan and Lorelai and Luke having been married and expecting a kid. So so sad. I am so disappointed. Is anyone with me?

No. You see, Logan proposed to Rory really awkwardly in front of her whole family and she was like, “Can we talk outside?” He wanted her to move to Palo Alto with him. This was TERRIBLE writing–Logan would never do anything like this; he’s Mister Smooth. She tried on the ring. It didn’t fit. She said, No.

This was all pretty inconceivable–no one says no to Logan Huntsberger or whatever the fuck his name is– but it was even stranger that this was the direction this entire plotline was building towards. I cannot believe they couldn’t think of anything better to do with this character. I kept waiting for Rory to develop that really disturbing coke habit or have her do most anything she regretted. To be fair, she once hurt someone’s feelings. Big whoop.

I mean, I can certainly think of one common malaise a college-aged women would have. See if you can get what I mean:

I really don’t want to turn this into college confession time, but personally I found that time very morally confusing. I mean, if I wanted to sit at my desk and smoke, oh, 300 cigarettes, no one was going to stop me. It’s almost wrong, really. They should start letting you be free earlier, so you can get used to it.

I get an MFA later this month. I get a day job, if I can stomach it. I get to be even freer, a disturbing thought. I like being as free as possible, but this is pretty free. I can literally do anything. I honestly don’t know entirely what I want to put my considerable energies into. I mean, this blog takes longer than you’d think, but it doesn’t pay any bills.

I think I should probably do only whatever I feel like doing. It’s a waste of time doing anything else.

As for Gilmore Girls, it rushes into a series finale next week. I almost don’t want to watch–they already gave away the Luke and Lorelai hook-up in the preview for next week. This is the little show that never really went anywhere, but it was always fun.

“Heavy Packer” — Amy Miles

“Exister” — Prototypes

“Je Ne Connais Pas” — Prototypes

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The Pipette’ male counterparts? (Obscure Sound)

Some solid Mars Needs Guitars linkage.

Oh, and the new Travis album came out. I may do a review, or I may just imply I’ve listened to it without actually listening to it. Word.

2 thoughts on “In Which It Was The Second To Last Episode of Gilmore Girls, Did You Really Think I Wasn’t Going to Write Ever So Movingly About It?

  1. I don’t love the state. it got really dated. unlike kids in the hall which stays poptop fresh because all their jokes are so absurdist they can barely be dated to the correct century.
    do you want me to slip rory a note next time she comes through TJ’s with her euro bf? it will say “avoid sin city 2”
    btw my city is on fire. I know this is fully expected by your coast at all times, but just because it’s tuesday of the locust doesn’t mean it always is. sometimes there are earthquakes or phil spector verdicts. phil spector who claimed to her mother that if ronnie cheated on him he would kill her and display her in a glass coffin that he already had in the basement. I think he said that while showing it to her. my friend learned that from the phil bio “Wall Of Pain,” which is a title I wish I’d come up with for myself.

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