In Which You Are Swallowed By A Supermassive Black Hole

by Molly Lambert

Short people got no reason, so they become pedophiles.

Dog nurses stray kitten and the moose what thinks it’s a cow.

Marital stress linked to heart disease.

Whether it’s social conditioning or some other factor that causes women to be influenced by hostility and men by issues of control is uncertain, Smith said. It’s hard to separate biological, psychological, and social/cultural processes, he explained, but social conditioning “would certainly play a role.”

Ginger Cavemen

Brain clusters responsible for optimism located.

Achilles tendon makes you fast.

Sexual orientation hardwired in nematodes.

Woman finds Python in Brooklyn toilet.

Ozone hole is shrinking.

Sleep deprivation makes you more primitive, overreactive to bad experiences.

“Old Piano” — Frou Frou (mp3)

“Oi New York This Is London (Hot Chip vs. Ragga Twins remix)” — David E. Sugar (mp3)

“Energy” — Apples in Stereo (mp3)

The psychology of great baseball players.

Scientists to grow eyeballs in jars soon.

Depressing: Neither positive nor negative emotional states predict how long a person with cancer will survive, a new study finds. University of Pennsylvania researchers say that among cancer patients, emotional health — good or bad — is not an independent factor affecting prognosis. “We anticipated finding that emotional well-being would predict the outcome of cancer. We exhaustively looked for it, and we concluded there is no effect for emotional well-being on cancer outcome,” said study author and University of Pennsylvania psychologist James Coyne. “I think [cancer survival] is basically biological. Cancer patients shouldn’t blame themselves — too often we think if cancer were beatable, you should beat it. You can’t control your cancer. For some, this news may lead to some level of acceptance.

The origin of vision found in the cnidarian Hydra’s light-receptive genes.

Owls (the animal, not a sports team) moving to Charlotte N.C.

Soon you can test your dog’s DNA to see what kind of a mutt they are exactly.

Incan children were “fattened up” for sacrifice.

Even space time has defects. Send it back!

T-Rex footprint found in Montana.

Florida fisherman catches 844 pound shark.

Bison at Yellowstone rebound from slaughter

Giant Patagonian plant-eating dinosaur discovered?

Elephants are great judges of character, can smell human predators.

Crows use tools, are tools.

As if space weren’t scary enough already, it makes bacteria three times as dangerous.

Ancient legless crab discovered!

R.I.P. Porter Wagoner!

Molly Lambert is the Senior Editor of This Recording. She lives in Echo Park, CA.


Molly on Shia LaBoof.

Public transportation has its pitfalls.

If the basic concept works, we are prepared to give you a lot of leeway.

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