In Which We Request That You Not Tongue Our Balls

We asked frequent TR reader Devendra Banhart to contribute his recollections of dating the one known as Natalie Portman. He sent in the following.

What and Who I Will Do For My Career

by Devendra Banhart

I woke up yesterday with a splitting headache. Too much Burgundy, too much cocaine, and too much of her.

Devendra! Devendra!” When I open my eyes I swear that Natalie was watching herself in The Professional. Ever since my publicist hooked me up with this lew (what gentiles like me call lame jews) I have been enduring a never ending stream of this bullshit.

“How much do you want to fuck the thirteen year old me?” she said. “Tell me.”

“That’s gross,” I said. Also, the first time we slept together, afterwards she asked me if that was how they did it in Venezuela. “Absolutely not,” I told her.

jude and NP

“When did you lose your virginity?” she said, dancing on the bed. “Tell me and I’ll tongue your balls.”

“I’m still a virgin,” I said. “I’m going to order some papayas.”

“Get me the huge.” ‘Huge‘ in the Portman family parlance, she had informed me during our first meal, meant, ‘the usual’. She reminded me of Anna Faris in Just Friends.

When we met, it seemed great.

We were halfway through a MOMA screening of Conrad Clark’s eulogy for Beijing when Natalie whispered in my ear, “l can’t tell any of these characters apart.” This somehow seguewayed into a 40 minute argument about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. By the time she was going down on me in the bathroom closest to the Cy Twombly mural she felt we were closer than ever. Me, I wanted to refute her supposed concessions at Gaza and lecture her parents for hours.

chan marshall & me

Also, she has a tiny vagina. So tiny. Sounds great, right? But whenever it starts getting uncomfortable at all, she lets me know. Again, not a problem in itself, but instead of being like, slow down guy, she starts yelling, “Poopsikins! Poopsikins!” The first time she said it I was looking around for the camera. At least she’s a vegan.

My agent talked me down after our first MOMA fight. “Take it easy, D,” he recommended. “She’s a great girl, you just have to get to know her better. Also, just going out with her sold 40,000 copies of Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon.”

“Fudge,” I said, knowing how bad that album really was.

“Will Is My Friend” – Devendra Banhart (mp3)

“Shabop Shalom” – Devendra Banhart (mp3)

“Lover” – Devendra Banhart (mp3)

“Bad Girl” – Devendra Banhart (mp3)

I used the money on a framed portrait of myself and gave it to her along with the feather of a peregrine falcon. I felt bad. I mean, it happens. You’re interested in a girl and the newness of that, and then the eroticism fades. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a chance.

Yesterday started well enough. “Tao Lin makes me want to write the craziest things,” she screamed in St. Mark’s bookstore. At least we were agreeing on something. “Let’s go see Nathan Englander read at McNally Robinson,” she said excitedly, stealing a copy of a magazine with a very provocative cover.

“Nathan Englander?” I said. “I think I’m going to have to send a frothy e-mail to the Harvard english department from whence you came. Plus, he’s a lew like you. I’d really rather go see Junot Diaz at NYU.”

“But Nathan Englander’s funny,” she said. “Wes and I used to read parts of For the Relief of Unbearable Urges aloud before bedtime.”

“Mention another one of your ex boyfriends and I swear I’ll give you a bloody eyeball, Queen Amidala.”

“Let’s just go and if it’s bad, I’ll just soak a chamois of llama skin with my juices and weave it into your hair, poopsikins,” she said. I shuddered.

She spent most of the reading finding dumb things to look at on her laptop. She found an interview I’d done:

Well, I said to myself, “What’s the title?” and I heard from myself, ” Look in books, think… feel words, extract the words from the songs, condense the record into a word or a couple of words, etc”. Then I said to the spirit of Krishna-Murti, “Whats the title?” and i heard, “Keep looking in all those places you told yourself to look, keep looking diligently, though it will not come from there, i will bring it to you if you keep looking in all the wrong places”. And as I looked I began to hear, “I Am Cripple Crow, I Am Cripple Crow”, so i was gonna call it, I Am Cripple Crow, but I thought it would look like I was saying… I, Devendra, am Cripple Crow, which I am not, Cripple Crow is the album, so I got rid of the I Am.

“That’s fucking retarded,” she whispered, “and I’m pretty sure Krishnamurti is still alive.” I stormed out of the bookstore.

The next night, my boy Cabic comes over to play some xBox and braid my hair, and NP sits in the corner reading a magazine (I believe it was Highlights) and acting like she’s doing me some big favor by letting me have my bromance.

Cabic is so weirded out he leaves after only two hours of Madden and I think she can sense that I’m frustrated, because when I come into the bedroom she’s wearing the blonde wig from Closer and she has her mouth duct-taped shut. You tell me if you could resist. You can’t. It’s impossible.

While sex isn’t everything, it is something. When it’s not around you look to see if maybe it’s on your computer. When it’s lying in your bed about to say something completely insane about the motivation of the Israeli citizens building settlements on Palestinian land, you have to ask yourself: At what cost?

I promised myself that I’d break up with her this morning. I know exactly what to say.

The best part about dating an actress is that breaking up is an orgasm straight out of the Claude Levi-Strauss handbook. You can “represent” the “break-up” without having to really say a word.

You simply set up a situation unexpectedly similar to a moment they got dumped in one of their movies. Naturally this is easier if you happen to find yourself LTRing Billy Crudup, Jennifer Aniston, or Jim Krasinski. By the way Krasinski, if I have to read another interview where you talk about how much you love David Foster Wallace, I’m going to eat your spleen.

Since NP played the feature lew in The Diary of Anne Frank, my choice is fairly obvious. Yet before I have even gotten out of bed she’s asking me if I ever had banana pancakes when I was growing up in Venezuela.

I finally can’t control myself: “THERE WILL BE NO FUCKING BANANA PANCAKES,” I scream. “And when you’re from Long Island, I don’t think you can call the U.S. ‘The States.’ Pretty sure that’s just a bullshit affectation. You went to Solomon Schechter for Christ’s sake.”

“That hurts me a lot, D,” she says.

“That’s what she said,” I said. “You watch The Office? No? I’m never good at this part.”

“I guess it’s better,” she says. “But I’ll always treasure our photoset together. Do you want to get coffee?”

“Sure,” I say, “but just as friends, and I should probably take off this SS uniform first.”

Devendra Banhart is a musician living in Los Angeles. This is his first appearance in these pages, and most likely his last unless he starts dating Scarlett or something.

we’ll be safe in this attic…NOT!


Jews are typically so disobedient.

Saturday links are the most fun we had laughing.

Ethan Hawke is an a-hole.

53 thoughts on “In Which We Request That You Not Tongue Our Balls

  1. fucking brilliant! historicalz. splatter me with hot fudge and lick my poopiskins. keep it up and i’ll blow you in macy’s window. you TR wankers are goood. you make me hot.

  2. Very good! Now on to more important stuff, like Nat’s bud, ScarJo’s, new release. It’s chock full of giddy fail, so you should have a ball.

  3. Would somebody please tell me when the fuck Devendra Banhart got so popular? I’ve been listening to his music for years…since before anyone I know had heard of him…and what the fuck is this, man??…i had hoped he was a little deeper than this…i hope he’s not selling out…he is, by the way

  4. The perceptive amongst you, may have realised that I have just found this site (initally attracted by the jellyfish) and have read right through everything.!
    Dick Cheney on Lost is Killer but I mean this is some kind of award winning stuff surely?

  5. First (rather lastly) nice bush Devendra. I suppose noting the tightness of a pussy in memoirs of an actress is the dearest compliment a gent could make these days. Well not that it’s very grand, but I lost my virginity in the attic of an early 19th century mansion. Now I suppose you (Poopsikins) owe me a ball tonguing. Ready when you are. An e-balling would suffice. Much appreciated for sharing the words and turds.

  6. Funny. What exactly is the purpose of the anti-semetic stuff? lol. Natalie is amazing I would love to be with her.

    p.s. Wow you are one stupid bitch.

  7. jajaja hermano te habla un caraqueño que solo se asombra de tu grandeza , jajaja ke grande , si es ke de verdad escribiste esto , y si es asi , y usted lee este comentario por obra perfecta del universo ! llameme lo invito un shot de campanita haha 0416 414 85 78 ..

    ———biggest men on earth haha!

  8. Absolutely hilarious.

    And meh. Devendra can do much better. She is quite possibly the single worst actress in Hollywood. And she pales in comparison to the stunning Chan Marshall pictured above.

  9. Natalie can do MUCH better. He is quite possibly the single worst singer in the WORLD. And he pales in comparison to everyone in the world.

  10. I definitely think he’s an awful singer but maybe he should turn to writing. This was pretty funny.

    Not only does he LOOK like Vincent Gallo, apparantly he acts like him too. Wonder if they know each other? Gallo is also a terrible musician who fucks starlets. Great actor though.

  11. this shit cant possibly be real. it would actually be a lot funnier if devendra were not involved. so much pretentious name dropping my thick rimmed glasses fell off and i forgot to tie my black chuck taylors. and he should pull up his pants or shave his pubes, noone wants to see that ‘fro peeking up from his crotch

  12. A prime example of how sick and pathetic the new generation really is. WE are so doomed… God Help Us…. let the older ones take control and and remain healthy until another generation can be reared…. maybe this generation can just stay online shhhhh no one tell them anything….

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  14. Utroskap er ingen skam, det har eksistert like lenge som selve ideen om monogami.
    Kos deg i tigerstaden og møt likesinnede mennesker
    her på knull kontakt. Ikke tabu, bare veldig, veldig fremmed – og til dels fullstendig usexy.

  15. You people are pretty dumb or very naive if you believe this is true. The SS comment should be enough to give it away.

  16. Wow, if this is true it’s sad. If you’re this annoyed/angry at a person why continue to see them? In my mind this just makes Devendra Banhart look like an insecure, arrogant asshole. If you’re not into someone, end it. Regardless of whether she is a terrible person or not, you don’t share private moments like this on the internet, and you certainly don’t date someone for that long who is this awful. Devendra Banhart, who are you that you only date people for their famous name despite a horrible personality?

  17. Yeah what’s gross is Maryland you m m but literally any faggot fucka Colin’s jacks bitxh Jen Kelsey with some of the stupidest tucking artists straight up in the world… They have feeds of just garbage that Colin’s dad is banking off of with mist oh these new top 40s all is well within columbine and 9-11 for that hooked fuckjng villain Meg mjacks witb ball

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