In Which We Resurrect The Dead On The Planet Jupiter

Everything is Emasculated

by Molly Lambert

We get a lot of searches for Kristen Bell, so I thought it would be smart to post this picture of Veronica Mars covered in blood. We luvvvv Kristen Bell here at This Recording. She’s a Joss Whedon character come to life and she totally knows where her nerd bread is nerd buttered. Ew, nerd butter.

Emily Gould is funnier in the shower than you are during your whole entire day

Emily’s responsible for the sexy book puns on display at Gawker. Gold Medal to College Call Girl for “Everything Is Ejaculated.” The comments are all downhill from there.

Kristen Bell stabs one of her ‘Heroes’ coworkers in the brain

Ever wanted to see the Fish from Finding Nemo fucking? Yeah me neither.

Okay how about Jakob Lodwick and Julia Allison? Yeah, meeeeeeeee neither.

Philadelphia’s mysterious Toynbee Tiles!

David Mamet’s Toynbee Tiles inspired one act play Four A.M..

CrimethInc, where anarchists learn how to make bombs and be really annoying.

Gavin McInnes, aka “The Racist Guy” from Vice (now firedish), with child (in sunglasses)

Viceacom? Thuper therial y’all. Theriously.

“As Vice added international editions, the perspective of the founders began to change. “The world is much bigger than the Lower East Side and the East Village,” Mr. Alvi said.

Can Viacom please relocate Vice to Detroit? I would like to see their gonzo man on the street interview techniques tried out in some of the Motor City’s rawer neighborhoods.

Will somebody also please recreate Abba’s weird Catbag dresses for Tess and I? I promise we’d do a photo shoot

If you haven’t checked out This Recording’s YouTube stash, you are a foolio.

We have cached gems like two cats having a conversation, Crispin Glover’s dance from Friday the 13th Part IV, copious videos from ABBA!, furry tube Muppets, and a Mexican kid re-enacting scenes from The Legend of Zelda.

In keeping with today’s porno motif, and because we are stoked for There Will Be Blood, we’d like to post the whole drug deal gone bad scene from Boogie Nights, but seeing as how I don’t want the RIAA to come to my home and murk me, I’ll post the two cats talking instead. Cute couple of catterboxes, these two!

Michael Hurley aka “Snock”, unsung folk hero with a new album out on Devendra Banhardt and Andy Cabic’s label Gnomonsong. He’s technically a hobo and thus gets called “outsider folk” a lot, which is ironic because didn’t hobos basically invent folk music?

He’s also not technically unsung, because Cat Power covered him on You Are Free and on her first covers album. Anyhow, here’s some of his new songs backed by Holy Modal Rounder David Reisch and TJ O’Neil.

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording. She believe the internet was put here to provide us with LOLcats and porn.

sketch by Snock, who draws lots of wolves

Knockando – Michael Hurley: mp3

Lonesome Graveyard – Michael Hurley: mp3

New River Blues – Michael Hurley: mp3

Light Green Fellow – Michael Hurley: mp3

“Michael once told me about one of his favorite childhood games. He would get an empty sodapop bottle, fill it with water, pretending it was wine. Next, he would go to a tree in the woods, pretending it was a lamp post on the Bowery in New York City, and that he was a Bowery Bum. Then he would drink the bottle of pretend wine sitting down with his back against the tree/lamp post, pretending to get drunk, and just sit there for the rest of the day. Ah, youth.”
Peter Stampfel

Michael Hurley interview with Perfect Sound Forever


Alex graduated and learned what a swampdog is.

He stalked Julia Allison and listened to In Rainbows.

He loves Emily Haines, and not only because he wants to show her his harvesting piece.

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